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Joinesty works everywhere

Visit any site that asks for an email signup & use the Joinesty extension


Create unlimited, anonymous emails

Joinesty generates a real, anonymous email, just for you, and unique for that site


Joinesty is secure and safe

Joinesty saves your site-specific private & anonymous email, plus passwords, for future use.

We encrypt all your logins and passwords so they are always secure and we never sell your data.

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Start with our Anonymous Emails, then see how much Joinesty can do for you.

Stay Anonymous
Puts a wall between you & all the online accounts demanding your personal information

Stop Email Spam
Declutters your inbox of the marketing spam flooding your personal email

Keep Secure
Securely keeps track of all your account logins & passwords

Get the Deal
Rewards you with a heads up on all the deals available to you at every site you visit

Finally, sign up online without giving away your private information.

Joinesty works everywhere.

With Joinesty, you get unlimited anonymous emails, unlimited login & password storing and unlimited login sharing at every site on the planet.

Bank-Level Security

Bank-Level Security

Our bank-level security ensures that when you create a real, anonymous email, store a site login and password or share a login, you’re doing it securely. That means you can focus on getting the best deal while we the do the rest to make it simple & easy to create, store and share logins and passwords. We bring the security of any other password manager online and more.

Encryption for all data, all the time

The cryptographic hash function was designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and used by most banks around the world. We use this encryption level to transfer data securely to and from your device and our servers. Our encryption also means no one but you ever sees your encrypted logins and passwords. And, we never see or sell your data.

We make sure it’s you that’s accessing your accounts

There’s more to security than just encryption. We layer in additional protections like 5 failed-login attempt blockers, separate PIN protection for your passwords, optional multi-factor authentication, and cloud-based storage so you don’t become a target.

Find out more more about our security

We’re not the only ones talking about the incredible things going on at Joinesty

"What makes Joinesty different is that they also let users create unique email addresses for everything they access online, thereby shielding their personal email address from prying eyes.

- Adam Levin, co-founder of and founder of CyberScout

Sign up today for a 14-day free trial, then pay as little as $3.49/month

At Joinesty, we never sell your data. After 14-days, pick the best plan for you to ensure your data stays private and secure.


$6.99 / month*

*billed each month


$3.49 / month*

*billed once a year



Unlimited secure anonymous email creation


Unlimited password storing


Secure password sharing (think Netflix shared with friends)


Spam email control and inbox protection


Deals at over 7,000 websites without searching


Unlimited online account login storing

Time to Take Your Online Privacy Back

Joinesty is the only way to sign up for online deals without giving away your personal email. Unlimited Anonymous Emails. Unlimited Login & Password Storage. Unlimited Login Sharing. And No More Marketing Spam. Start enjoying all the benefits you want online while safeguarding your personal information with the protection of a secure password manager.

Browse, shop, sign up online anywhere & everywhere securely and privately with Joinesty.


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