Almost 3 billion accounts were hacked last year

The only true way to protect yourself is to use a unique email and password for every online account.



Records Stolen Per Hour

Your taxes, medical information, receipts, reset password links, and travel plans are all in your email. The only way to stop theft is to stop giving out your email, and to use different passwords.



Average # of Accounts Linked to Your Email

Your email addresses are linked to every account you have. If taken, hackers can pose as you – reset passwords, log in to accounts, email contacts, and make purchases.



of Stolen Info is UNencrypted

This is like downloading a word document – it’s plain readable to the world. You can’t make a business use encryption, but you can stop giving them info that identifies you, starting with your email.


Incredibly Simple to Use

Simply add our extension to instantly have access to unlimited site-specific emails and passwords for every site you visit. Use them for signups, we save them for login, and everything stays organized and secure.

Signup forms automatically fill in for you with site-specific emails and passwords

Save passwords as you login or signup, and we’ll type them for you next time

Securely and easily share your accounts with family & friends (for sites like Netflix)

Automatic cloud synching gives you access to your logins & passwords anytime, anywhere.

You're in Control

Peace of mind shouldn’t require changing your life. Our system puts the pieces together for you to make the most usable experience and keeps you in control.

You say what hits your inbox – emails sent to your unique addresses can pass straight through or be wrapped into a daily digest

No more hunting in your own inbox – view emails that come in directly on the website that sent them

See what your browser has stored on you – simple one-click import grabs logins stored in your browser


Simple, Private, Secure

We take your privacy & security seriously so you don’t have to. Here’s how we ensure both every step of the way.

Don’t get spied on – our in-app mail viewer prevents spymail from tracking your data

NSA designed encryption standards equal to bank-level security

Additional PIN protection for password access

Optional multi-factor authentication

5-failed login attempt blocker

MasterPass technology

Experts Know Joinesty Isn’t Just Another Password Manager

"The first thing you need to know is Joinesty provides something of value"

- MSN Money


Let Joinesty Protect Your Online Security & Privacy

How It Works In More Detail

Images above not doing it for you? Here’s more detail on exactly how some of our key features help you.

Hack-Proof Emails

Easily create hack-proof, site-specific emails for any online signup, newsletter, or other subscription with a single click.

Secure Emails

Rather than giving away your personal email to signup, Joinesty creates a completely secure and unique email, just like using a unique password, for each site.

No more daisy-chaining

Using Joinesty’s hack-proof emails protects your personal email and your privacy, and stops daisy chain hacks.

One-Click Email Login & Password Saving

Automatically save all your email logins and passwords with a single-click for future use right in Joinesty’s all-in-one web extension.

Auto Form Fill

Joinesty’s smart technology automatically recognizes signup and login forms and remembers sites that you’ve stored email logins and passwords for, meaning one-click fills in all your info automatically.

Inbox Spam Killer

Using Joinesty hack-proof email logins rather than your personal email means no more marketing spam to your personal email. Instead, Joinesty sucks up marketing spam and stores it in your Joinesty account, delivering you only one summary email wrap up about your accounts each day instead. When you stop giving away your personal email, you also kill the clutter.

Joinesty makes digital security accessible to everyday people. Since you never know which site is next to get hacked, people need this. Totally new concept, super cool.

Darek Dabbs, Chief Technology Officer

Joinesty is the simplest, intuitive, and most elegant solution to a problem that every single one of us face.

Andrew Goldstein, Co-Founder & CEO
Otherworld Interactive

Joinesty removes that pit in your stomach when you want to try out a website but aren’t sure if it’s secure or credible. By not giving out my email or password I regained control over who has my identity.

Bhargav Kode, Senior Product Manager


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