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Make your data useless to hackers

Joinesty's mission is to create security tools that don't just prevent data breaches, but also make them harmless. Our patent-pending security framework lets us build what no one else can, and to deliver custom security solutions to enterprises who care about security, want turnkey non-intrusive solutions, and who wanted them yesterday. Be part of a safer digital future. 

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Speed, Scale, Simplicity

Our products are designed to help your teams do what they do best. You keep working, we're your safety net. 

A Single Integration

A single SDK/API integration that takes hours, not weeks, and your data is protected. Our team of specialists will help you set it up, as well. 

Retroactive & Proactive

Our integration can automatically apply to all legacy and new data. You get proactive protection as well as retroactive remediation from day one.

Unique Attack Vector Coverage

Not only do we protect you from more than just one form of attack simultaneously, but we are also unique in the threats we neutralize. 

Threat Analytics

Unparalleled threat analytics, diagnostics, and reporting. Streamlined incident response and reporting makes your job easier. 

Hive Threat Intelligence

The more people who use our framework, the more powerful it gets. We utilize a network of threat tracking that works for you automatically.

Invisible and Inclusive

We don't need you to stop what you already do. Our technology strengthens your existing security, and is invisible to consumers. 

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The first thing you need to know is Joinesty provides value.


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All we need is 10 minutes to show you the power of our framework. 

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