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Never give out your personal email again.

Create a unique email for every site with the Joinesty browser extension’s patent pending technology.

Here’s how Joinesty secures your personal email address.

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We provide you with a unique email address for each site you use.

For most sites we’ll inject that unique email address into the sign up fields. For pages not yet supported, we still provide the unique email address for you to copy and paste. At any point you get to decide when and if to use your own email address instead.

We save your logins in our secure password manager.

Similar but more secure than your browsers Autofill, the Joinesty extension will help remember your logins the next time you visit a site.

We forward any emails received directly to your inbox.

You won't notice any disruption in email service. Everything works the way you expect it to, the only difference is peace of mind. The next time you hear of a data breach, you know the bad guys won't have your personal email address.

Bank-Level Security

Bank-Level Security

Unlike most websites, when we say ‘bank-level security’ we mean it. We have been tested by bank IT security teams in multi-week long deep dives and passed with flying colors. If you’re a security buff, read more to see why they love us.

Encryption for all data, all the time

This cryptographic hash function was designed by National Security Agency (NSA) and used by most banks around the world. We use this encryption level to transfer data securely to and from your device and our servers.

We make sure it’s you that’s accessing your accounts

There’s more to security than just encryption. We layer protections above and beyond that you’ll never notice but anyone trying to get into your account would. These include 5 failed-login attempt blockers, separate PIN protection for your passwords, optional multi-factor authentification, and cloud-based storage so your computer doesn’t become a target.


Joinesty works with thousands of sites you are already using.

Making your existing accounts more secure and protected.

Live Safer Online

Just $6.99/month
or $3.49/month (for annual plan - saves 50%)

Joinesty is the only secure password manager that protects you through secure email address creation, safeguarding you from anyone trying to get a hold of your personal information.

In the age of internet insecurity, we’re the first step in taking back control of your online life. Secure your accounts. Protect your privacy. Live better online.


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