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Organize, manage, and secure your online accounts.

Visit any website and Joinesty can securely remember and type your passwords, create individualized emails for that site, and can find relevant discounts for you.



IBM Registered Business Partner


Joinesty works with a simple 1, 2, 3 step process.


Install the Joinesty browser extension

(Currently supporting Chrome)


Visit any site

Joinesty algorithmically determines the site, and securely retrieves everything you need.


We Deliver to You, Instantly

Login credentials for that site

Deals for that site in our system

A new email address and password if you want to signup privately for that service.

Want more detail on what else Joinesty gives you?

Account Management Dashboard

Secure password fill and auto-storage

Secure email generation (patent-pending)

Deal Finder

Google Search Injection

A single Launchpad for everywhere you’ve signed up online

The first step in organizing your online accounts - your dashboard is a single repository to reference if you forget anything. It organizes your accounts and stores them securely.

Never forget, or even type a password.

When you visit a login page, we can type your passwords for you, and automatically remember them for you as you log in to sites. All with above bank-level security.

Protect your privacy and security against hacks.

We create unlimited anonymous emails anywhere, and anytime you want. With our extension, you can browse, shop, and signup securely and privately.

Getting your email stolen is even worse than getting a password stolen. Hackers can use your email address to reset your passwords, and you never know which site is next to get hacked.

Never waste time searching for a deal

When you visit a site, wouldn’t it be nice if someone else searched for deals for you? When you visit a website, we search our database of over 7,500 retailers to at least see if there are any discounts that site is offering, and display it to you right alongside any logins you chose to store.

Go ahead and Google it, we got your back

Like searching on Google? We do too. When you search, we’ll show you which of the websites in your results are offering deals at the moment. You don’t have to do anything different, there will be a little marker above the sites offering deals.

Joinesty works everywhere. Literally.

Over 200,000 discounts at over 7,000 sites without a minute of searching.

Of course, you get unlimted password storing, login sharing, and email creation at every site on the planet.

Bank-Level Security

Bank-Level Security

Unlike most websites, when we say ‘bank-level security’ we mean it. We have been tested by bank IT security teams in multi-week long deep dives and passed with flying colors. If you’re a security buff, read more to see why they love us.

Encryption for all data, all the time

This cryptographic hash function was designed by National Security Agency (NSA) and used by most banks around the world. We use this encryption level to transfer data securely to and from your device and our servers.

We make sure it’s you that’s accessing your accounts

There’s more to security than just encryption. We layer protections above and beyond that you’ll never notice but anyone trying to get into your account would. These include 5 failed-login attempt blockers, separate PIN protection for your passwords, optional multi-factor authentification, and cloud-based storage so your computer doesn’t become a target.


What does Joinesty have that your browser, spreadsheets, and notebooks don’t?

We are the only solution that also protects your email address and saves you money, and we’ll stay that way thanks to our patent-pending technology.

Also, what happens if you lose your notebook or it gets rained on?


Live Safer Online

Joinesty is the only secure password manager that protects you through secure email address creation, safeguarding you from anyone trying to get a hold of your personal information.

In the age of internet insecurity, we’re the first step in taking back control of your online life. Secure your accounts. Protect your privacy. Live better online.


Joinesty dashboard account manager