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Start Protecting Your Passwords and Your Email Address

Your life lives in your inbox, but so many businesses have your email. When they get hacked, you do too. Joinesty lets you never give out your email address again, so you can sleep easy.


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"The first thing you need to know is Joinesty provides value."

- MSN Money

You Need to Start Protecting Your Data

2.6 Billion

Data Records Stolen in 2017 

Emails and passwords are your greatest risk. The only defense is to stop giving out your email and use different passwords.

Accounts Linked to Email


Accounts Linked to Your Email 

If hackers get your email address, they can reset passwords, log in to accounts, email contacts, and make purchases.

Stolen Info is Unencrypted

< 4%

Stolen Info That Was Encrypted

This means it’s plain readable text. The only defense is to stop giving out the info that identifies you, starting with your email.

Simple to Use

Visit any site and our free Chrome Extension instantly gives you a secure, anonymous email address and secure password to use to signup. Then we'll save them securely for you to stay organized.

  • Signup form-fill
  • Save passwords as you log in
  • Securely and quickly share accounts
  • 24/7 Cloud access anytime, anywhere
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You're in 100% Control

You should be in control of your usernames, emails, and passwords. Our system puts the pieces together for you into the most usable experience to keep you secure, easily. 

  • Voted "easiest to use" password management
  • You say which websites can email you, period
  • De-clutter without stress - we'll send you a 1x per day wrap-up
  • See what passwords your browser has stored, instantly

Military Designed Security

We use above gold-standard security to give you the best and most secure online password manager.

  • AES 256 (designed by for the NSA)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Brute-Force login blocker
  • MasterPass Technology
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Access Anywhere

Our secure cloud gives you instant access to your accounts on your phone or tablet.

  • Auto-sync across devices
  • Share and revoke access on-the-go
  • Clean intuitive design keeps you moving
Joinesty makes digital security accessible to everyday people. Since you never know which site is next to get hacked, people need this. Totally new concept, super cool.
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Darek Dabbs
Chief Technology Officer, Sera-Bryn

Joinesty removes that pit in your stomach when you want to try out a website but aren’t sure if it’s secure or credible. By not giving out my email or password I regained control over who has my identity.
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Bhargav Kode

Joinesty is the simplest, intuitive, and most elegant solution to a problem that every single one of us faces.

Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Andrew Goldstein
Otherworld Interactive

We're For Real People

We designed our software to be used by everyone from security professionals to new internet users.