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You have you want organized and secure. We make it happen.


You have a problem, whether you know it or not

Maybe your company is growing and your employees have a ton of accounts to manage. Maybe you're a University with thousands of students who need to manage registrations, online accounts, and school software.

Different members of your organization have different needs, and different accounts.
When someone joins your organization they need access to accounts, and when they leave you need to stop that access.
Your organization's needs change over time – scale, services, teams and roles.
You have no way of keeping everyone in your organization up-to-date and using best-practices.

Who is Joinesty for?

Just some of what makes us unique

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Member Specific Permissions

Give different members one-click access to the accounts they, and only they, need.

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Easy Adding and Removing of Members

When a person joins, give them access to accounts you want. When they leave, revoke permissions. Simple as that.



Define groups and sub-groups, authorities, permissions, accounts displayed, and features all with a click.

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Account Recommendations

You control the accounts you want people to use to keep people getting better, faster, and more efficient. Change recommendations with a click.

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My company tried to build our own solution for online account organization, and gave up because it was too complicated. You guys not only made it, you did it beautifully.
Sean, Innovation Manager
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I need so many accounts to simply do my job that I can't tell you how many times I forget passwords or simply where to go. My whole department needed this, badly.
Alexa, Senior Ivy League University Administrator
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