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About Joinesty

Our Mission

"We're on a mission to help every internet user regain control over their online life".

Every feature we release, patent we file, and teammate we hire, is reshaping the internet into a more secure, private, organized and just generally better place to be. We want you to be part of our story toward a better internet.

Our History

Joinesty was started by two brothers, Robert and Stephen, who realized that their online life sucked.
When they "signed up" for services online, a lot of bad stuff happened. Although they were doing the companies a favor in signing up, it then became their responsibility as customers to figure out how to remember where they had "signed up", make secure passwords and somehow miraculously remember them, keep track of all those "deals" they were promised, and because they were required to hand over their personal email address, their inboxes were both a mess and super unsecure.
They started planning a solution in their basement.
Millions of dollars of investment, patents, and partners ranging from international banks to media giants later, Joinesty emerged as the first of its kind. Through a never-before-seen combination of artificial intelligence, browser extensions, and mobile and desktop applications, Joinesty provides a better way to live online.
View any website and you instantly have access to the deals they are offering, and all the logins you have stored with the click of a button. Inject usernames and passwords directly onto login pages, share them securely, and update them anytime. Copy promo-codes by simply clicking on them. Find new services you may like, and deals you can use, all with simple searching. More features are on the way every day, including our patent-pending technology that will truly change the nature of online signups.

The Team Making It Happen

image of Roby
Robert Yoskowitz
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
image of Stephen
Stephen Yoskowitz
Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder
image of Andreas
Andreas Imthurn
Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder
image of Elder
Elder Santos
Chief Technical Officer
image of Ionut
Ionut Zamfir
Chief Design Officer
image of Jose
Jose Souza
Lead Full Stack Developer
image of Jason
Jason Early
User Experience Designer
image of Chris
Chris Lamlamay
Full Stack Developer
image of Ben
Ben Waldman
Full Stack Developer
image of Daniel
Daniel Murphy
Quality Assurance Specialist